My name is Kiersten. I'm a designer though I prefer the moniker Thinker-Tinkerer. I integrate cultural theory with my experimental prowess as an artist and training as a former athlete to [re]negotiate the boundaries of Possibility.

I work with the assumption that to design° is to affect and/or effect change and, therefore, we're all designers. Yet, more often than not, we're unaware of the various ways we affect and effect our everyday. Consider today's headlines: increasingly asymmetrical development, environmental degradation...fiscal peaks, plateaus, and cliffs.

By harnessing design° as a means to ask questions, I develop tactics that expand the creative capacities of individuals to understand how they can and do impact their surroundings— be it a patch of grass, park or public policy. In this context, doubt is a primary vector for critical thinking that challenges the authority and aesthetics of what we've come to know as common sense. In other words, to [un]learn

With limited knowledge and expanded literacies, perhaps we can begin to design° tomorrow, today...for our common wealth.

I navigate this expanded field of design in attempt to understand its culpabilities and capacities as a political, social, economic, and environmental practice. This website chronicles my adventures. Rather than a polished portfolio, it's a work in perpetual progress—a platform for interrogating the language, discourse, and practices of design, including my own.

Or, for the short of the long, here's an abridged CV. In brief, I began developing this transdisciplinary° praxis while at Parsons The New School for Design. I've facilitated workshops, led studios, & presented research throughout the U.S., Europe and Asia. In 2013, I founded Public Works to catalyze creative civic engagement. In January, we received a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts toward the development of Livestream: a participatory platform dedicated to raising environmental awareness, literacy and accountability from the ground, up!

Intrigued? Drop me a line. Or, better yet, give me a buzz!


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