Physical Training: Not Your Average Workout...or Workshop! / by Kiersten Nash

On April 9th, I posted the following to the DSB blog: Physical Training: Tune Up, Out, and In: This is not your average workout…nor is it your average workshop. This is Physical Training—a body-mind-space mash up! We will perform a series of exercises (i.e. experimental research methodologies) to: tune up our perceptual affordances, in order to tune out of the habitual patterns of our everyday and tune in to a heightened situational awareness, so that we can explore and prototype innovative opportunities to unveil the structure and operations of the co-generation, blackwater, Aircuity, and active design systems woven throughout the University Center in such a way that engage human and non-human agents in a dynamic dialectic toward sustainability

Today, I forwarded a reminder. Almost immediately the following email appeared in my inbox: 

from     A. Baker
to     Kiersten Nash
date     Fri, Apr 13, 2012 at 12:38 PM
re     ULEC 2921.A.Sp12.7773: Course Announcement

Hi Kiersten,  What kind of a workshop is this going to be? Are we actually exercising? I thought it was a design workshop. Ashley

"Fear not, we will be designing!" I replied, thrilled knowing that I had successfully challenged her definition of design and expectations regarding the workshop.