design° a SpACE THAT INVITES one of the most CULTURALLY diverse POPULATIONS to EXPLORE the wonders of science, technology, Engineering, ART...& math? Yes, Let's!

Queens is a crossroads. 2.2 million individuals from approximately 100 different nations convene in New York City's easternmost borough. So, when the Jamaica Branch of the Queens Borough Public Library was interested in creating a new children's library, the question became: How might we design° a space that invites one of the most diverse communities in the world to explore the wonders of science, technology, engineering, art, and math? Part community center, part library, and part science museum—The Children’s Library Discovery Center (CLDC) actively engages children, ages one to one hundred, in the discovery of their world, their neighborhood, and themselves. To facilitate this adventure, I collaborated with residents, librarians, educators, engineers, and architects to construct an interactive wayfinding° system that reflects the community—a dynamic blend of histories, geographies, and cultures. Familiar sounds, images, and iconography—from the hum of the subway to the roar of Shea Stadium—guide children throughout the library into the unknown to imagine: Why? How? and What if...?

The Children's Library Discovery Center. Designed in collaboration with The Queens Borough Public Library, the NYC Department of Design and Construction (DDC), 1100: Architect; LHSA+DP, the Exploratorium and RBH Media, 2011. First and last images by Michael Moran/OTTO. Video produced by the DDC.


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ALA/IIDA Library Interior Design Awards: Best Public Library (< 30,000 sqft), 2014 // ALA/IIDA Library Interior Design Awards: Best of Competition Winner, 2014 // The New York Library Association Public Libraries Section Building Award, 2013 // The Municipal Art Society of New York, MASterworks Award: Best Neighborhood Catalyst, 2012 // Queens Chamber of Commerce, Building Award: New Construction/Public Building, 2011 // Queens Library Foundation, Award for Excellence in Design, 2011