Display Sustainable° systems? Ok. Wait, First: What are Said systems sustaining?

In December of 2011, The New School Office of Design, Construction, and Facilities Management in conjunction with the Associate Dean of Sustainability,° Cameron Tonkinwise, presented me with a unique opportunity: develop an interdisciplinary undergraduate studio dedicated to making the sustainable° L.E.E.D. systems woven throughout the University Center legible. My first question: what are these systems sustaining°? And thus the adventure began. For the next fifteen weeks, twenty undergrads and I employed a diversity of methodologies to investigate these [in]visible infrastructures. From the corner of 14th and 5th Ave to the beaches of St. Criox and back, we negotiated a complex web of interdependent agents in order to develop a critical wayfinding° system that [re]framed The New School University Center as an adaptable political, social, and economic interface designed° in flux. Each intervention or tactic for everyday [dis]engagement aimed to: expose latent environmental assumptions as well as unveil the structure, operations and context of the corresponding infrastructures–i.e. critically confront the present...so that, together, we can begin building a more sustainable° future.

Displaying Sustainable Building Studio: Conversations Toward More Sustainable Futures. Designed and facilitated by Cameron Tonkinwise and Kiersten Nash in collaboration with The New School Office of Facilities Management. The New School, New York, New York, 2012.