GRoundwater is a source of life. Yet Little is known about this valuable resource: What aquifers are SUSCEPTIBLE to contamination? Why? How does this affect us? And how do our everyday actions impact the quality of groundwater?

Nearly 2,000,000 Kentuckians rely on groundwater everyday. Families, farms...entire ecologies depend on it. Yet little is known about the water that runs beneath the Bluegrass. By harnessing the power of art, science and technology, Livestream raises environmental awareness, literacy and accountability from the ground, up. How? Play! Or, more specifically, interaction and experimentation. This dynamic network is designed to collect, monitor and translate groundwater data from across Kentucky into interactive soundscapes that manifest as public art installations and educational outreach programs. In addition to challenging people's perceptions of water, this provocative platform actively engages individuals, organizations and government agencies across Kentucky in the cultivation of our water ways...for our common wealth.

Livestream is a Public Works project designed by Kiersten Nash, Sean Montgomery, Bland Hoke, Ben Sollee, Jon Pope and Dan Marwit in collaboration with the Kentucky Geological Survey. The above images document the development of the first public art installation in Lexington's Jacobson Park. Stay tuned for more photos or check out the latest developments here.


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2014 National Endowment for the Arts
Art Works Grant Recipient

2013 EcoArts Grant Recipient

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