CHESTER, PennsylvaniA: A [Neighbor] Hood
or Our [Neighbor] Hood?

For ten days out of the year, one of Brooklyn’s most affluent neighborhoods is infiltrated by a convoy of shipping containers carrying stories from around the globe. This provocative pop-up exhibit is known as Photoville. In 2013, I collaborated with award-winning photographer, Justin Maxon, and the Magnum Foundation to create Our [neighbor] Hood—an intervention into the everyday implications of gun violence. Our point of departure? Chester, Pennsylvania. A community that lies just beyond the City of Brotherly Love. A community more commonly known as a crime capital. By assembling fragments from individuals’ lives—photos, diaries, and drawings—with cultural iconography, interviews, images, and ephemera—the installation invites individuals to look beyond the stereotypes of a community in crisis and consider our commonalities. Because as Donald Newton—artist, activist, and lifetime resident of Chester points out, ”Night now in Chester is night now in many places—night now in Philadelphia, in Camden, and every other place you can think of…”

Our [neighbor] Hood: Confronting the Everyday Violence of Guns. feat. documentation by Justin Maxon. Designed and produced by Kiersten Nash in collaboration with the Magnum Foundation (MF), fabricated by Jon Pope. Photoville, Brooklyn, NY, 20-29 September 2013.  Documentation courtesy of MF.

It has to stop...
We're tired of
burying our children.

Valerie Marshall
Mom, Grandma...Resident of Chester