GIVEN THAT 1 iN 5 people own a smartphone, WHAT'S PHOTOGRAPHY? WHO's a photographer? And how MIGHT both remain vital?

In a word, adaptation. To this end, the Magnum Foundation (MF)–an organization revered for pushing the margins of photography as a means of communication–developed Photography, Expanded. The intent? “To inspire documentary photographers to expand their storytelling beyond the image and catalyze collaboration across disciplines.” For the last 3 years, I've consulted with MF to translate this initiative into an on-going series of labs, lectures, and discussions. The resulting transdisciplinary° framework invites emerging and established practitioners from a diversity of disciplines and demographics to come together to develop new tools, methodologies, and tactics for mobilizing communities around issues of social justice.

Photography, Expanded. The Magnum Foundation. New York, NY, 2014. Documentation courtesy of MF.

Creating images & video is just the beginning...

Krystal Grow
PE Participant & Photojournalist